We’ve wrapped up another succesful Dino Market on Ragnarok with lots of dino trading going on! It was great to see all the market stalls set up and great fun to look through them all to find that special dino. The Building Competition is also still underway. You have some time left if you would like to join in on the fun. You receive lots of great stuff to get started with, along with super high weight capacity and 15x rates so you can immediately jump in and start building your dream base. Information is posted in Discord in the #building-bonanza channel about how to register and get started.

We are always looking to provide our community with the best mods (no old stale mods here!) and as part of that we will be updating our mod list to replace the Better Reusables mod with Lethal’s Reusables mod. This mod has been in use on the Center map and we really like it. It’s much more versatile and has alot more reusable items to pick from. We hope everyone enjoys this mod! Have a look at the Steam mod page here: Lethal’s Reusables

We’ll also be updating our structure limiting plug-in to a version that is more versatile. Now instead of being limited to only seamless crop plots, you can mix and match any type of crop plot you want, as long as you have less than 50 total crop plots. The same applies to the chibi displays – instead of being limited to a few of each type, you can now mix and match as long as you have less than 40 total chibi displays. As always, if you want to check your structure limits, just type /showlimits in game chat.

We are continuing to prep The Center map for full integration into the rest of the cluster and it should be ready soon. Once open, you will be able to transfer dinos and items on/off the map with the exception of Animals of Atlas and Marnii Mod Horses, which must remain on the Center. You will be able to have TEK there and you will be able to fly as well. Immersive Taming will remain as an option, along with vanilla taming so you can chose the method you prefer. All of the current building mods will remain too, so your bases are safe! Our Genesis 2 map will probably open up for transfers a few weeks after the Official servers do, so we can wait for them to discover and iron out any issues that crop up. It won’t be much longer!

We are also always looking for ways to improve performance so once The Center opens, we will begin applying a new rule that will limit each tribe to one main base per map (no more outposts). With so many public teleporters available on all maps, there’s really no need for outposts anymore. We’ll post more information in Discord along with a timeframe for removing all the outposts.

In other exciting news for our community, we have launched a new 7 Days To Die Darkness Falls/Sorcery modded server. The Darkness Falls overhaul mod adds a huge amount of content to the game and the Sorcery mod adds arcane magic so you can wield magic spells against hordes of zombies! Come join in the fun and see how long you can survive! Be sure to go to the #read-here-first channel and react to open the 7DTD Discord channels, which will have links to join the server. We also have Valheim, Conan Exiles and Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah servers for our community to enjoy as well, so if you are looking to take a break from ARK but still want to hang out with your friends, we have you covered!

And late breaking news! Krakens Better Dinos is running a 200k subscriber celebration event where you can find special dinos from the mod that spawn with higher levels or special loot tables. We’ve enabled the event on our servers, so happy hunting!