Yggdrasil Shop

We really hope you enjoy playing on our servers and the great gaming community we have. Our servers cost a lot to keep running each month and are purely funded by our players.  Your contributions allow us to purchase and maintain our own hardware which gives us more flexibility in what we can offer.  

Use the link below to navigate to our online shop. From there, you can click any one of the menu headings at the top of the page to purchase something on our servers or read more about it.

Yggdrasil Online Shop

Below are some of the ways you can support our community. Visit the Yggdrasil Online Shop to read more about each option.


Make a contribution towards the running of our servers and help support the community.


If you would like to contribute towards the upkeep of our servers you can select VIP status which will grant special perks in-game, a VIP lootbox every Sunday, extended Decay timers, a 10% discount in the in-game F2 shop and more! We have several options available such as weekly, monthly or a recurring subscription.


Lootboxes are a great and fun way to get items, saddles and dinos in game and the proceeds go towards the running of our servers. It is random what you get so please check the BOX CONTENTS on the Lootbox tab on the Shop site to see what’s available. 

(Note that lootboxes are currently available only on ASE)


If you only want to donate a small about without becoming a VIP member, Starter  Kits are a great way to go. We offer starter kits for your first big taming adventure or to help you get started in breeding your next boss army. Check the Starter Kit tab on the Shop site to see what’s available.