Please read these rules carefully

Follow this link for our rules —>   Yggdrasil Gaming Rules


Do not DM any members of the Admin team unless they are on your friends list or they have given you express permission to do so.
We have a ticket system for support that is private between yourself and the admin team. If you wish to discuss something that’s too sensitive for a ticket then please open a ticket and request an admin member DM’s you back.


If at any stage an admin asks you to put in a ticket you must do so. Please respect members of our community and our admin team. We do not tolerate abusive, racist, sexist or any kind of toxic behaviour.

We do not tolerate any lawyering of our rules. If your excuse for bad behaviour is that its not specifically outlined in these rules, you will still be punished. Being a part of or keeping the secrets of a rulebreaker is not allowed.

Everyone is asked to communicate in the English language at all times. This is to ensure ease of communication on public chat. However, you may communicate in any language when using Tribe or Ally chat.



Do Not mute #announcements and #alerts-from-admin channels on Discord. If an admin tries to get hold of you and you do not respond or open a ticket when requested within a reasonable timeframe you run the risk of losing your ingame items/structures. You can mute/unmute specific channels in Discord by pressing the right mouse button on the Yggdrasil server icon on the left and scroll to the bottom of the page.