Welcome to Yggdrasil Gaming

If you just stopped by to see what we do here, read on to see what our community has been up to and what we are about. We are a very friendly and active community and would love for you to join us!

Latest News

Who Are We?

Join our active and knowledgeable community for Ark breeders and builders. With our in game chat linked to Discord, you’ll never be alone. Enjoy all DLC maps, an event map, and exciting boss events. Join us and never get bored!

Our Community

Yggdrasil Gaming was started in Nov 2017 to create a nice PVE community and gaming environment for everyone to play Ark together. Our friendly community is made up of people from all walks of life, all ages and all parts of the world and we are very active in Discord.

Our Discord is the heart of our community where we talk about Ark and share cat pictures, food pictures, funny stories, really bad puns, dad jokes…you name it! It’s also open for players to vote and have their say on how we run the server as well as to keep up on the latest updates, events and announcements or show off their latest builds or breeds.

We know how important the time is you dedicate to progressing in the game and building a base, so we offer extended decay timers (no matter what material your base is constructed with), ORP (Offline Raid Protection) so your base is safe when you are offline and we NEVER WIPE our maps.

Our Clusters

ARK: Survival Evolved

We offer all of the Ark story maps, all of the free DLC maps, a custom Event Map and a Boss Event map – 14 maps in all for you to enjoy.


ARK: Survival Evolved – Ark Omega

For the more hard-core player, we offer an Omega mini-cluster consisting of Valguero and Fjordur.


ARK: Survival Ascended

We currently offer The Island map and will add each new map as it is released.