ARK: Survival Ascended

We plan to offer all of the ARK story maps and all of the additional free DLC maps as they are released. Currently only The Island map is available, with Scorched Earth and The Center on the horizon.

Official Maps

The Island

Explore the first known ARK and battle the Broodmother, Megapithecus and Dragon guardians. Enter the volcano TEK Cave and defeat the Overseer to ascend!

New creature: Gigantoraptor

New creature: Acrocanthosaurus

Release date:  October 2023

Scorched Earth

Sandstorms, superheat and electrical storms will challenge your survival skills in this harsh, unforgiving desert ARK. Discover the first wyverns, fight Deathworms and battle the Manticore to ascend!

Tentative new creature: Fasolasuchus

Tentative release date:  April 2024


Discover the harsh irradiated surface and lush underground biomes in this malfunctioning ARK. You’ll encounter incredible creatures with genetic mutations such as the Rock Drake, the Karkinos and the Reaper. Travel to the deepest depths and face the terrifying Rockwell to ascend!

Tentative new creature: Yi Ling

Tentative release date:  July 2024


A ravaged Earth awaits you with a great, abandoned city surrounded by a vast corrupted wasteland. Explore Sanctuary, a decayed city of the long gone advanced civilization that built the ARKs and the nearby proto-ARKS. Beware of the Titans, which must be tamed to take on the King Titan.

Tentative new creature: Dreadnoughtus

Tentative release date:  October 2024

Genesis: Part 1

Meet HLN-A and explore 5 distinct biomes in this Genesis Simulation where you can discover new creatures, resources and participate in unique missions. There is no flying on this map, so be sure to obtain a sturdy land or water mount. Test your skills by taking on the one remaining Master AI boss Moeder or the extremely dangerous Corrupted Master Controller to ascend!

Tentative new creature: TBD

Tentative release date: February 2025

Genesis: Part 2

Explore the vast Genesis colony ship on its travels through deep space. Mine for exotic resources in the space zone or discover new creatures in the beautiful Eden zone and the creepy Corrupted Gardens. Complete missions to gain access to the boss Rockwell Prime where you can ascend if he is successfully defeated.

Tentative new creature: TBD

Tentative release date:  May 2025

Official DLC Maps (non-canon)

The Center

Consisting of numerous small sunny islands in the east and a large floating island in the west, this map also features an enormous, lush underground cave to explore. Brave survivors can venture into the arena where they will have to fight the Broodmother Lysrix and the Megapithecus at the same time.

Tentative new creature: TBD

Tentative release date:  May 2024


Explore a vast map with rolling plains, punishing “murder snow”, hot springs and an active volcano with erupting lava flows. Seach for Ice Wyverns, Dire Polar Bears and Griffins as you prepare to take on the dungeon bosses: the Spirit Dire Bear and Spirit Dire Wolf, the Iceworm Queen and the Lava Elemental.

Tentative new creature: TBD

Tentative release date:  September 2024


With new biomes and mysterious ruins to discover, this map also features rainbows, auroras and shooting stars. Venture down into the enormous underground water cavern or search out the Deinonychus in the White Cliffs and try to steal an egg to hatch your very own! Gather your friends and venture into the Forsaken Oasis where you will meet the Megapithecus, Dragon and Manticore.

Tentative new creature: TBD

Tentative release date:  December 2024

Crystal Isles

Visit this unique map and discover the Tropeognathus and beautiful Crystal Wyverns. Venture north to find the creepy Eldritch Isle, hunt in the forest for the secret honey cave or try to steal a Crystal Wyvern Heir egg if you are brave enough. The Crystalline Garden awaits where you will battle the Crystal Wyvern Queen and her Heirs.

Tentative new creature: TBD

Tentative release date:  April 2025

Lost Island

Explore ruined castles, wrecked ships, two wyvern trenches and searing Magmasaur caves while you search the map for new creatures such as the Amargasaurus, giant Dinopithecus and the small Sinomacrops. The Dinopithecus King can be heard roaring throughout the northwest, daring survivors to try and defeat him.

Tentative new creature: TBD

Tentative release date:  August 2025


The main realm of Midgard found on the surface consists of four islands where survivors will find various castles and ruins to explore, including the Hidden Worlds cave. This cave provides access to the three mystical realms of Jotunheim, Vanaheim and Asgard. For daring adventurers, there are more than 25 caves waiting to be explored.

Tentative new creature: TBD

Tentative release date:  October 2025

Special Event Maps

Event Map – ?????

An event map for our community

Tentative new creature: N/A

Tentative release date:  TBD


ARK Surprise!!!

An ARK surprise.

Tentative new creature: N/A

Tentative release date:  November 2024