Welcome to the Yggdrasil Gaming Community! This month our community has chosen the R-Direwolf as the subject of our next Breeding Competition. The goal of this competition is to try and breed what you think is the best looking R-Direwolf color combination. Entries will be judged by an admin and volunteers from our community with great prizes being awarded. For rules and more information, please check our our #breeding-competition Discord channel.

We just held one of our community meetings where we go over upcoming events and review community suggestions. Thank you all for attending and providing feedback to us! Some of our upcoming events are our monthly Auction, a Spooky Dino Market which will run for the entire month of October, and another Building Competition with a Halloween theme. Please check Discord for additional information and announcements.

Our current ARK cluster includes all of the story maps plus the other DLC maps for you to enjoy: The Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, Genesis 1, Genesis 2, The Center, Ragnarok, Valguero and Crystal Isles. We also have a custom Event map as well. Periodically, we will offer a new map and mods for everyone to try out too. If you have any suggestions for something you’d like to see, hit us up in the #suggestions channel in Discord!

At Yggdrasil, we don’t just call ourselves a ‘gaming’ community, we are one! While ARK will always be our first love and primary game, we do offer a nice variety of other games for you to enjoy with other community members.

Conan Exiles (PvE)

Our Conan Exiles server has alot of nice mods that enhance the game and a really fun building system. We currently run the total conversion mod The Age of Calamitous which introduces six playable factions, five professions, new decorations, items, weapons and much more. Along with that we offer some fun building and character mods including Kerozard’s Paragon Leveling & Multigun Refresh, Endgame Extended Weapon Arsonal (EEWA), Emberlight, Fahionist, CharEditLite, Aquilonian Females, Hosav’s Custom UI Mod – Revamped, Better Thralls, Less Building Placement Restrictions, Glass Constructions and More, Immerse RP: Buildings & Placeable Decor, Unlock Plus (with Pickup), Stygian Building Kit, Savage Steel, Stacksize Plus and Pippi – User & Server Management. See the #Conan-info channel in Discord for the mod list and directions on how to connect to the server.

Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah (PvE)

Come check out the new Conan map on our Isle of Siptah server! It has lots of new content, new lands and dungeons to explore and new creatures too. Explore and make your way to the Tower of Siptah and survive the Maelstrom. It has new mounts, building sets, armour and more. Our server is customized with the following mods to help you build a great character and base: Emberlight, Fashionist, Less Building Placement Restrictions, Unlock Plus (with Pickup), Better Thralls, Hosav’s Custom UI Mod – Revamped, Kerozard’s Paragon Leveling & Multigun Refresh, Stacksize Plus and Pippi – User & Server Management. See the #Conan-info channel in Discord for the mod list and directions on how to connect to the server.

Some Conan screenshots from our Community:

7 Days to Die

Our 7DTD server is running the Darkness Falls/Sorcery modpacks which adds some fun content and makes it feel like a whole new game. Darkness Falls is an overhaul mod that has new classes, quests, tools, workstations and materials and much more. The Sorcery Mod adds new magic classes and spells along with new weapons and armor sets plus more. Come join us and see how long you can survive! Check the #7DTD-info channel in Discord for the link to our Yggdrasil modpack and how to join the server.

Some 7DTD screenshots from our community:


Explore the tenth Norse world of Valheim where you can craft armor, food and weapons, build a fortress and slay mythical beasts with your friends. We are currently running Valheim+ with some additional mods to give your more options with building and farming. Check out our #valheim-info Discord channel for the Yggdrasil modpack and come explore new lands with us!

Some Valheim screenshots from our community:

New World

We participated in the New World open Beta and everyone had alot of fun. We have teamed up with a friend’s WoW guild to form a company and we are really looking forward to the official launch! New World has savage new lands for you to explore, dungeons to conquer, an immersive crafting system and a fun combat system. Come join us later in September when the game is officially launched! More details can be found in the #new-world-chat channel.

Some New World screenshots:

We have such a great community at Yggdrasil and we love playing all these games together. If you are looking for a break from ARK or just looking for a great, well rounded gaming community, come try us out!