This November 22nd at Yggdrasil we are celebrating our 4th birthday!

Four years of a vibrant and friendly community with continuous support and no map wipes!

Yggdrasil was born as a young seedling in October 2017 and was officially opened in November of 2017 by a group of friends that had met while playing on Official PVE 422. They had become tired of the lack of support from Wild Card on official servers and all the hassles and toxic behavior there. The final straw came when Wild Card decided to start closing some of the official servers and Official PVE 422 became a target. Shodan decided he would create a new community where playing ARK could be a fun, enjoyable and relaxing experience. One where support was available when you needed it and there was no rude, degrading or toxic behavior. The new community would be based on honesty, integrity and respect and would have lots of fun mods to make the game more enjoyable – a place where friends could gather and have a fun afternoon or evening of gaming together.

And so after much deliberation Yggdrasil was born! In fact, our Island map is a copy from the Official PVE 422 server so everyone that migrated from 422 was able to keep their existing bases. That means it’s really much older than four years! Shodan, Diotelos and Vor worked tirelessly to clean off the pillars and old bases so the Island could start off fresh. Some of them still even have a few of their original tames!

To celebrate our birthday and Halloween, this month our popular Dino Market will run the entire month of October (from Oct 2 to Oct 31). It will be held again on Ragnarok at coordinates 35.5 / 23.0 and everyone is invited to bring your mobile base and set up a booth. We have a safe logout area for you to use if you want to hang out at the market (Shodan’s favorite – two mushroom houses!!) and the Dino Storage bug zappers are in place to protect the area from stray creatures that may attack you or your tames. We also have a public transmitter, teleporter and replicator available for everyone to use while there. We are also looking to hold a one-weekend Dino Market on The Center this month for all the people with bases there so they can trade Marnii horses and Animals of Atlas creatures.

Next week on Wednesday the 6th of October, we will be launching the second Building Bonanza event! It will be Halloween themed and the building map will have Randi’s Halloween mod installed along with alot of other fun and spooky mods so you can create a haunted castle, graveyard or even a spooky fun house! You’ll have all month to build and you will get a starter kit with some nice items to help you quickly get started including a TEK suit, high level dinos and a supply vault that has everything you need to build. Judging will be held at the end of the month. Please check out the building-bonanza channel on Discord for more details about the rules, prizes and a link to the mod list.

On Saturday October 9th we will be hosting the Breeding Competition which will be held on our Event map. This month the creature featured is the R-Direwolf. These wolves have some really interesting color patterns so we are sure there will be some great competition. We always offer really nice prizes for the amount of work we know that goes into the breeding competition process including a Steam voucher, nice high level stryders, high armor TEK suits, lootboxes, mutagen, element, dino color change tokens and much more! Be sure to come check out all of the entries and take a tour of the spooky event map before attending the judging.

At the end of the month on Saturday, October 30th we will have a spooky Auction event. The Event map will be decorated in epic spookieness so dress up in your best costume, bring your broom and some element and come bid on one of the great dinos that will be there. Be sure to check out the auction-event channel on Discord for how to register your dinos for the auction.

Finally, in our continuing quest to give our community the best ARK experience we have been able to purchase some new hardware that is super nice and has better specs than most other clusters. Our new hardware also gets us prepared to host ARK2 when its released on Day 1 with no disruption to the rest of the cluster, so we are super excited about that! We always try to be good stewards of the data and make sure it’s all managed properly which includes using some plugins to monitor the maps and plugins to also automatically clean off unused structures and creatures. Additionally, our community has pitched in and made a great effort to clean up and get rid of structures and creatures that are not needed any more. Because of this we can use the donations wisely and buy a great processor and RAM without having to waste money on storage space for bloated save files or just giving up and getting a second machine because the save files are too big. This new hardware was made possible by the donations from our wonderful community and the support of our VIPs. The hardware has already been installed in the data center (the same data center we currently use) and Shodan has gotten the maps and mods installed along with our save files and is hard at work getting it configured. We will begin testing very soon! 

In other news, we have been playing some Valheim and enjoying the new Hearth and Home update (yes, I have died…alot). If you haven’t played before, come join us – it’s alot of fun and quite challenging. You can go to the read-here-first channel in Discord and react to the Valheim symbol to get access to the Valheim chat, where you will find instructions on how to download our mod pack and join our server.

Teratus, Lugos Vantian, Suicide Snowman and Gam3master have been tearing it up over on the 7 Days to Die server while enjoying the new Darkness Falls and Sorcery mods. You can go to the read-here-first channel in Discord and react to the 7 Days to Die symbol to get access to the 7DTD chat. Then head over to the 7drd-info channel for instructions on how to download our mod pack and join the server.

We have also teamed up with some friends to start a company on Amazon’s new MMO New World which has just launched. We are playing on the Asgard EU server and our company is “Yggdrasil Trading Co” .  Everyone is welcome to join us! It’s a really fun game with quests, exploration, dungeons and more! You can go to the read-here-first channel in Discord and react to the New World symbol to get access to the new-world-chat where you will find additional information.

On the horizon, we are also looking into maybe getting a Minecraft server if there is enough interest. If you are a big fan of Minecraft, let us know in the minecraft-chat channel in Discord! We’d love to hear your suggestions about mods and what your experience has been with them.

We hope you all enjoy our birthday month celebration this month and next!