Welcome to Yggdrasil Gaming Community! If you are just stopping by to browse to see what we are about, or just looking to get caught up on the news, this is the place to be! We have alot going on this month and we are glad you are here. We don’t just run a server, we run a whole gaming community!

ARK Events!

We just completed our Breeding Competition where the creature voted on by the community was the R-Direwolf. We had some lovely entries and the winners were:

1st Place – zook1shoe

2nd Place – Kerrigan

3rd Place – Vor

Honourable Mention – Ryu

Peoples Choice – Gunter

The Yggdrasil Rare Taming Event is now live until Tuesday October 26th! Now is your chance to get some really nice higher level ‘Rare’ tames with amazing colours! The ‘Rare’ and ‘SuperRare’ Dinos will get announced in chat when they spawn. ‘Super Rares’ will also spawn that are high level (1000+) . They are not tamable and will drop some nice gear when killed. They can also drop mystery tames in soul orbs. We really hope you have fun and enjoy hunting the Ark for these super tames. You can use /rarelist in chat to show current dinos on that map with approximate co-ordinates to start your search.

The Element Artifacts Treasure Hunt will be held on Sunday October 31st. Come join us on the Yggdrasil Event map for an exciting treasure hunt and the chance to win a nice stash of element! While you are there, check out the amazing Halloween decorations too!

Don’t forget we have our Dino Auction coming up soon on the 30th of this month at 7 pm! Please open a ticket and submit screenshots of your auction dinos so they can be added to the auction channel and spreadsheet. You will have until Friday evening (the 29th) at 11 pm to submit your entries. There are some lovely dinos up for auction this month.

Our second Building Competition – Halloween Edition is underway too! If you are interested in building, we are offering some really nice prizes. Last time we had some beautiful entries, so don’t wait too long to get started! Since this event is all about building, when you join the map you will receive a starter kit in your inventory with a TEK suit, element, high level farming/transport dinos, an admin vault with unlimited resources and some nice equipment to get you started building right away. We can’t wait to see what kind of creepy Halloween builds you guys come up with!

New building rules!

All small items like campfires, torches and sleeping bags left out in the open out of range of your base will be automatically removed.

All main bases must be over 10 structures in size or it will decay within 3 days. This is to prevent litter of random structures on the maps that players forget about or the dreaded foundation/bed spam that we find. Please be sure you make a ‘real’ base if you need one!

Automatic Updates!

Everyone is enjoying the new hardware and a huge thank you to our community for their donations which made that possible – you guys are super awesome! We’ve also updated our plugins so our mod updates and Steam updates are now automatic so you won’t have to wait for an admin to wake up or be available. Announcements will be made in game to alert you of an update and server restart. If a server restarts within 15 minutes of you transferring maps, or you crash when transferring maps and you loose all the items that transferred with you, then please put in a ticket immediatly and do not move across Arks. There is a good chance we can recover these items for you now.

Benefits of Playing on our Servers

We don’t nerf or exclude base game items so you will always be able to use them on our servers like the new Genesis 2 items such as the Egg Incubator and all stryder attachments, as well as the SS equivalents (SS Egg Incubator and the SS Dino Uplink) which offer additional features. We also give you full access to all the cool SS items (with increased slot counts) like the SS Teleporter, SS Transmitter, SS Hatchery, SS Nanny, SS Gardener, SS Farmer, SS Animal Tender, SS Mutator, SS Turrets (all models are enabled including Laser, Flame, Rocket, Tranq, etc), all sizes of walls (single, 4x and 12x) and other items. We know that not everyone has hours and hours to spend on breeding so you can also stack the Mutators (also at a reduced element rate!) to get multiple levels – you can stack 3 of them and get up to 8 levels to help with your breeding program. We’ve also removed the titan head requirement from the TEK Stove, TEK Refrigerator and TEK Forge so everyone can enjoy making and using those items (they still cost quite a bit of mats to make).

Tired of just having S+ or SS as the only building mod on every map? We offer a nice selection of different building and decorating mods customized for each map so you can design a unique home on each one. Whether it’s a tiki hut beach resort, a high tek sci fi research facility, a country ranch and stables, a Mediterranian stucco villa or a beautiful castle our collection of mods will let you build a dream home on each map. Your base gets a 6-week decay timer no matter what material you build it out of too! Our 3,000 piece structure limit prevents the maps from becoming full of huge render-intensive bases that lag you out if you even get near them. With the smart use of platforms, 4x and 12x walls, gates, SS Shield Generators and SS Shield Posts you can design an awesome base and still have lots of decorations. Come visit our maps and see some of the nice bases that have been built!

In addition to building, our community loves to find unique tames and they love to do some amazing breeding. Here are some screenshots below:

Event piggies from the Kraken’s Better Dinos 200k subscriber special event. This is from The Center where we have the Animals of Atlas mod installed.

Some great breeding going on! Danger Noodles from Zook1shoe and all-black and all-red phoenixes from Maya Patch!

If you are looking to take a break from ARK or just not feeling it, hop over to one of our other servers and try something new while still hanging out in Discord with our community.

Conan Exiles and Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah

The big Update 2.6 is out and it has tons of bug fixes, QoL improvements and content. There’s also the new People of the Dragon DLC out with some amazing Nemedian civilization building pieces, armor and saddles. The Isle of Siptah also has some new lands for you to explore as well. Come try out our Conan servers!


Valheim has had additional updates to the new Hearth and Home content patch. If you are up for a challenge that is a bit different from Ark, come explore new lands with us and see how you survive in this magical Norse world.

7 Days to Die

Our 7DtD server is running the new Darkness Falls and Sorcery pack. Try out the new classes and quests, weapons, tools, crops and more. Become a great sorcerer by mastering spells of fire, ice and lightning to destroy the zombies! Do you have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse?

New World

Come join our company and check out this great new game! There is a huge world to explore, quests to complete and dungeons to defeat. Details on the server and how to join are in our Discord channel. 

We love our community and we know you will too! Come join in on the fun with our relaxed, stress free, drama free gaming community.