November was another busy month at Yggdrasil. We had many events and activities for the community including the launch of our new Minecraft Server. Below is a recap of what we have been up to. If you are looking for a new ARK home, we invite you to come join our wonderful, active community.

ARK News

Our Building Bonanza competition for October drew to a close with many amazing and spooky builds! Congratulations to our winners and many thanks to our community member judges that helped!

1st – Anisoptera

2nd – Kali

3rd – Gunter

Honorable mention – Jaskari

1st Place – Anisoptera with an amazingly detailed Broodmother Labrynth

2nd Place – Kali with a whole spooky island

3rd Place – Gunter with a creepy Cthulhu summoning theme

Honorable Mention – Jaskari with a scary haunted house and dungeon

Raffle Winners

Happy 4th Birthday Yggdrasil ! November kicked off our 4th Birthday celebration and some raffles in Discord for nice prizes. Congratulations to our winners!

Dino color token raffle winners


Daddy Patch




£15 Donation Store Voucher raffle wiiners:





VIP Gold Lootbox raffle winners:


Mrs. PikZweer



Later in the month we all headed over to the new Boss Events map to test out the new boss fights as a community. We introduced everyone to the new map and had trial runs of the two new boss fights where everyone got some nice loot for participating. Based on feedback, we’ve tweaked the fights a bit for smaller player groups and the details can be found below.

Fear Evolved 2021 has ended and we have added all of the Chibis from the latest Fear Evolved to the Chibi Lootboxes, so if you missed out on the Witching Owl, Ghost Direwolf, Ghost Basilisk, Ghost Rex or Ghost Mantis Chibis you still have a chance to obtain them from the F2 Ingame Store. You can purchase them with points earned in game from playtime or the ingame lottery. Don’t forget we have the awesome Ecos Chibi Display mod on The Island, Aberration and Extinction where you can display your newly acquired chibis!

We wrapped up the month with a Rare Sightings Event where Rare and Super Rare dinos spawn with mutated colors and high levels. ‘SuperRare’ dinos spawn at a high level (1000+) and are not tamable, but they will drop some nice gear when killed, including a chance for a mystery tame in a soul orb. We really hope you had fun and enjoyed hunting the Ark for these super tames!

Dino Auctions

We also held our last Dino Auction of the year this past weekend. We saw a lot of new players and some excellent dinos up for sale. We look forward to seeing everyone at the next auction, sometime in January. Here are a few of the amazing dinos up for auction this month:

Offered by HamShank – Phoenix:

Offered by Ryu – Shadowmane:

Offered by TheHubbinator – R-Reaper King:

Offered by ThunderThighs – Deinonychus:

And we have to mention the amazing NOOT NOOT 1, up for auction by Quack:

New Boss Event Map

We have added a new Boss Event Map which will feature special customized ‘Mega Alpha’ boss fights. The fights are to provide an end game activity for high level players that have spent time breeding out their lines of dinos with 255 max stats in health and melee. We plan to offer additional bosses in the future where you may need to bring something other than a rex which will give everyone a chance to test their other bred-out lines of dinos. We also have plans for air and water bosses!

The first two bosses will be the Fiery Golem Maga Alpha and the Giga Experiment Mega Alpha. Both will be level 2,000 and come with their own packs of minions you will need to handle as well. These first two bosses will spawn on a schedule at the same time each Wednesday and Friday on the new ‘Boss Event Map’ so you can plan and prepare for the fights. Please check out the Discord community-boss-fights channel and the included spreadsheet for information on these bosses. This is for people that are endgame and have bred maxed out dinos in their tribe (you will need dinos with 255 health and melee). Players must be level 140 minimum to be able to join in the arena. The rewards for defeating the bosses are going to be pretty high and they are going to be quite a challenge so be prepared to lose everything or win big! We look forward to seeing people arranging and organising the fights for these in the community-boss-fights channel. As per our rules, everyone must supply their own bred dino (no borrowing). For anyone who is not at this level yet it will give you something to aim for when you reach this endgame level and it also provides an incentive to want to breed out max level tames. We can’t wait to see who is up to the challenge!

New DLC Expansion – Lost Island

Wildcard has set a release date for the next ARK free DLC expansion ‘Lost Island’ for December 14th and we have a slot ready and waiting for this new map. There will be three new creatures – the Amargasaurus, Dinopithecus, and Sinomacrops. We hope everyone is excited!

New Minecraft Server

On November 12 we launched our new community Minecraft server. This is a ‘vanilla with sprinkles’ Java edition no-mod Paper server. We have a nice selection of QoL plugins and we’ve updated it to the new v1.18 Caves & Cliffs release so stop by and have some fun with us! The new update has brought some enormous new caves to explore and giant mountains to scale. You get a nice starter pack when you join for the first time to help you survive that brutal first night. In our Discord channel, we have a Starter Guide that explains how to claim your land and get started and an Advanced Guide for shader and texture packs if you don’t care for the original blocky minecraft graphics. We hope to see you in game!

Valheim News

Valheim has had a small patch to include some new content for the swamp. Come join us on our Valehim server to check out the new monster lurking in the swamp and get the new swamp gear!

We also have Conan Exiles and Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah and 7 Days to Die servers for our community to enjoy. Check out the Discord channels for information on how to join!

We hope you all had a great November and we look forward to celebrating the holidays in December with our community!