December is drawing to a close and we’ve had another great month at Yggdrasil with lots of activities. If you are looking for a real gaming community that is active, come visit us and see what we have to offer! We offer 11 ARK maps, 2 ARK Event maps, Conan Exiles, Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah, 7 Days to Die, Valheim and a new Minecraft server.

Custom Boss Fight Map

Several groups have been taking on the new bosses on our custom Boss Fight map.These guys are tough, but give some great loot so it’s well worth the time and effort to breed out your boss fight dinos. Remember your character must be level 140+ to enter the arena, there must be at least 5 people in your group and you need max stats dinos (255 hp/melee).


Lost Island has launched and we’ve had almost 250 people visit our map! It’s been running great on our new hardware and we hope you are enjoying the new map and the mods we have selected for it. You can enjoy Castles, Keeps and Forts Remastered and the new ecos ARRRRP Decor mod, along with several others. We’ve also added Ark Additions: The Collection, which offers 7 new creatures to tame (with some very interesting taming methods). This mod will also be added to our new Boss map, so you will be able to take your fully bred out lines of new creatures over there and take on one of the custom bosses!

We have also customized the loot drops from the puzzles, beacons and boss drops so they are now in line with the rest of our server. Head over and try your hand at one of the puzzles or take on the Dinopithecus King Alpha for a great fight and some nice loot!

You can now vote for the Lost Island on any of the four sites we advertise on. In return for voting, you receive some nice ingame items like medical brew, honey, kibble, etc. You can visit the #vote-rewards Discord channel for instructions. It’s a nice way to get a few extra mats when you are just starting out and only takes a few minutes of your time to help support the server.

One of the nice features of our great community is sharing and several people have posted some great tips for Lost Island in the #tips-and-tricks Discord channel – be sure to check it out!

As a reminder, our Lost Island map is still closed to transfers in – you must go over with your naked character. You can, however, take dinos and mats off the map. Once the map is stable and official maps open up, we will reevaluate and see when we will open our map too.

Other Updates

From a suggestion submitted via our Suggestions Discord channel, we have removed the ‘Death Recovery’ mod and replaced it with the ‘Death Inventory Keeper’. The settings will still be the same in that when you die all materials and fertilized eggs remain behind in your death cache. Anything else will respawn with you in your inventory. We still recommend that you store your items in a ‘log off’ box when you log out as you can still die while logged off. That way your items are safely stored away. We have also enabled a setting that will orb up your shoulder pet when you die and we still have the feature enabled so that if you cross ARKs and forget your shoulder pet, it will be orbed and put in your inventory automatically.

Another update to our settings is that vanilla beehives can no longer be moved between maps due to crashes. We suggest that you orb up your bee and bring it to the map and create a new hive there or store him in your Dino Storage Soul Terminal and enable passive generation so it can produce honey for you.


We have also identified an issue with the KBD versions of the Ferox so those have been reverted to the vanilla version until the new Dev Kit is out and Kraken can update them. Once that is done, we will apply the setting that will automatically convert them back to KBD for you.

Discord Giveaways

We love our community and to celebrate the holidays, we had several Discord giveaways and would like to congratulate the following winners!

4 Winners of a £10 Donation store voucher


3 winners of a Dino Colorization Token

Daddy Patch

This weekend (Dec 31 – Jan 2) we are holding a ‘Rare Tames’ event to celebrate the New Year. Be sure to hop on and hunt for the Rares and Super Rares. They have a chance to spawn with awesome mutated colors and the Super Rares will have really nice loot and surpise dino orbs.

Holiday Decorating Contest

As part of our Christmas tradition at Yggdrasil, we add ‘Randis Christmas Mod’ and hold a holiday decorating contest. Congratulations to our winners!

1st Prize – Vör

 £25 Steam Gift Card and a Gold Lootbox

2nd Prize – ZombieMadAss/ThunderThighs

£20 Yggdrasil Donation Store voucher and a Gold Lootbox

3rd Prize – magitech

£10 Yggdrasil Donation Store voucher and a Gold Lootbox