January brought a new year of gaming and friendship to Yggdrasil. If you are looking for a new ARK home, we’d love for you to give us a try! We have had an active ARK community since November 2017 with no map wipes or removal of maps/mods that causes players to lose everything. We offer stable maps with well thought out mods and an awesome, friendly community. There are plenty of great spots on the maps for building and our maps are kept clean so there is no pillaring or foundation spamming like you will see on other servers. We have a zero tolerance policy for trolls, cheating and rude/poor behavior so join us for a nice, relaxing afternoon or evening of gaming without all the drama. If you have already made this your ARK home and are here just catching up on the news, we love you guys and are very happy you are part of our community!

We strive to give our community a great cluster to play ARK on and we have many unique things to offer that you won’t find on other servers. Our settings, mods, plugins and map selection are all planned and configured to give the best ARK experience to our community. We won’t throw on new maps just so we can have ‘more’ maps than other servers, but if you have a favorite map and theme to go with it, we have a #suggestions channel in Discord where you can present your idea for consideration. One of our recent community suggestions from BOSS(OP) was to remove the annoying starting animation with HLN-A when you join Gen 1. That was a great suggestion and that starting animation has been removed and we hope you enjoy joining that map now!

Coming up on Saturday January 29 we will be holding our first Dino Auction of the year. Be sure to check the #auction-event channel in Discord to see what will be up for auction. Our auctions are very popular so players are limited to winning 3 auction dinos in order to give everyone the chance to bid. If you have a dino you’d like to put up for auction, be sure to open a ticket and provide the details along with a picture. Our auction currency is element which can be obtained from farming on Aberration, Extinction, Genesis 1, Genesis 2, Crystal Isles or defeating any of the bosses. You’ve still got a week to farm up some element so you can bid on that super cool dino! If you have a great looking dino or rare color combination (doesn’t need to have great stats) put it up for auction! You never know who will get into a bidding war over it and you could walk away rich!

We know that not everyone plays ARK all the time, or maybe has a significant other they like to game with that isn’t so thrilled with ARK. We get it and so we are happy to offer servers for these other games so our community has a place to take a break from ARK and still be able to game with their friends while chatting on Discord.

Project Zomboid

We’ve added a new game for our community! Project Zomboid is now live! Join your friends and see how long you can survive. In addition to surviving zombie attacks, learn to survive through starvation, infection, tiredness and many other maladies. Craft items like food and weapons, build up a defensive base to protect yourself and your allies and group up with others to raid stores and houses for food, weapons and loot. Be sure to subscribe and download our mod list from Steam. If you get a ‘mod out of date’ message, go to the list and unsubscribe, then when you join the map it will subscribe for you. Details for connecting to our server are in the #pz-info channel in Discord. Our Steam mod link is here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2716156748

Ashen Sparrow has given us a few screen shots. Here is looks like she has been taking apart cars….

And here I can’t tell if she’s making soup for everyone or if she is cleaning carburetors….


Valheim will be 1 year old next month with a 95.7% positivity review on Steam. If you are looking for a fun Viking adventure, hop over and check out our server. I know Helios has been over there practicing their Viking skills lately. Details on how to join are in the #valheim-info Discord channel. We’ve added a few nice mods including one which will respawn the NPCs/items in the crypts and troll caves once per week, so those areas are now replayable. Don’t forget to replant any trees you harvest!

Conan Exiles and Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah

Conan Exiles had a big update in December with a lot of bug fixes, QoL improvements and some new islands to explore on Isle of Siptah. They also added some fixes to the new Nemedian builidng pieces which are amazing. If you are looking for a break from ARK, head over to the #conan-info channel in Discord for information on how to join either of our maps and see how you fare as an exile!


With the new Caves and Cliffs update you can dig even deeper or climb even higher! There are lots of new areas on the map to explore. We’ve got a road that members of the community have been working on to link our bases together and there are a few nether highways set up as well. Come join us and explore some of the cool bases our community members have built. SirTrogdor has been working on a giant water “donut” base, Caulkhead has been building a giant castle, Lugos Vantian has an island home with a giant “basement” that I think even has trees in it and I’ve seen a base with a pair of giant foxes made of blocks. Information on how to join is in the #minecraft-info channel in Discord.

7 Days To Die

Exciting news!! The new A20 stable release is out and it has a massive amount of new content and improvements! We are hard at work getting the new A20 server set up and configured. Unfortunately upgrading to A20 means a map wipe as the older maps/save game data are not compatible with it, but alot of people are looking forward to this new release and we know you will be thrilled! If you’ve ever wanted to try out 7D2D, now is the time to start! We will post the server information in the #7dtd-info channel once everything is set up and ready to join. We are targeting to have this done by Saturday, January 22.

As you can see, we are always busy at Yggdrasil improving our servers and creating a nice gaming experience for our community. We hope you join us!