Our second new server has arrived and we want to thank our lovely community for their support and help with making this possible! We now have two high end 32 thread AMD Ryzen 5950X 5.0Ghz/128 GB RAM machines each with 2 1TB NVME PCIE4 drives with a 10 Gbps connection. We own both of our servers and they are running in a data center in London where we can benefit from their connectivity and DDOS protection, while still having complete control over our own hardware. This allows us to use a large variety of software and plugins to help the servers run smoothly. We have moved Genesis 2, Valguero, Ragnarok and Olympus over to the second machine and they are running quite nicely. The new IPs can be found in Discord so be sure to update your favorites list.

We are also looking forward to adding the Fjordur map to the cluster when it’s released and we are already discussing mods and settings. We want to bring you all another high quality, fun, different and exiting map experience…not just another ARK map.

Ark Omega launch

This month we have launched a new mod overhaul map with Ark Omega, running on the beautiful Olympus map. Ark Omega is a challenging tier based, taming oriented mod overhaul. There are 8 tiers of dinos with 100 custom variants which gives over 130,000 possible custom dinos. In addition, we have added the Zytharian Critters mod which adds even more interesting combinations! This map is not for the faint of heart as even a lowly trilobite can one shot you. A dodo with the right combination of abilities can take out a Rex so everything you know about Ark is turned upside down and you have to be smart in how you play and you definitely have to be very, very careful about what you attack. We have followed the mod authors recomendations are are running vanilla rates and settings so this is a slower paced map that will require a time investment and it’s not easy! We hope you’ll join us, we are all having a great time playing on this map!

Below are some screenshots of Omega dinos from our community!

Zook1shoe had the best find ever!

BeardedHussar took this great screenshot of his wyvern wearing the Earth God wyvern skin

BeardedHussar also has this great wyvern

I Have Bad Aim and his very cool Ultimate Psychosis Voidwyrm

JimmyJones and his super awesome dodo

Toger’s first God

Lost Island

Transfers into Lost Island are now open so you can bring your dinos, gear and items over to Lost Island. Our Lost Island map has Castles, Keeps and Forts Remastered so you can build a castle or a fort and we are also running Ark Additions: The Collection so you can tame some exciting new creatures as well. Remember that these creatures must stay on Lost Island though as the mod is not on our other maps.


We have an Auction coming up Saturday April 9th and it should be lots of fun. We have opened up the auction to include all creatures from The Center including MarniiMod Horses and Animals of Atlas and also Crystal Isles Dino Additions creatures. Our currency is element, so you still have a few weeks to get farming! Instructions for entering a dino at auction can be found in our Discord Auction channel.

The Breeding Competition is running this month and our community has chosen the R-Snow Owl as the creature to breed. Entries will be judged based on the color combinations presented (not stats) and they must have at least 5 mutations in order to be entered. Judging will be held on April 23rd and we can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with as the competition is usually pretty stiff. Instructions for entering into the Breeding Competition can be found in our Discord Breeding Event channel.

Screenshots from our Community

Ryu has bred thiis amazing unicorn

Dennyy8 has bred a different sort of black and pink combo

Suicide Snowman is working on a new color scheme

Lugos Vantian has a nice color line started here

Kerrigan has bred the ultimate Ovis

Other Games for our Community

We know everyone gets tired/bored with Ark every so often, or has a significant other that doesn’t like Ark, so we offer alot of other games for our community to enjoy. Check out our other servers below. Each of these has their own Discord channel you can join to get more information.


The new Frost Caves are now open for exploring! There’s a new swamp creature, armor and new materials to be found. Instructions for joining our Valheim server can be found in Discord in the Valheim channel. Meanwhile, the Valheim team is hard at work on the Mistlands and we can’t wait to experience it. The Valheim team is also freaturing a Build of the Month in their monthly blog post, so hop on and take some nice screen shots of your builds and then post them on their official Twitter (, Facebook ( or Instagram ( with the hastag #ValheimBotM so they can be picked up. We know you guys have some really nice builds, we’d love to see yours featured.

Conan Exiles and Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah

Release 2.8 has been out for a couple of months now and it introduced a ton of new content and QoL improvements. Come join us and explore the new pirate areas or search for new pets and Thralls. We have some nice mods on each server that we know you will enjoy. Our mod list and instructions for joining our servers can be found in our Discord Conan Exiles channel. We also have a new banner for our server advertisements!


We also offer a Minecraft server for our community! We run a vanilla Java-edition server (no mods) with some carefully selected plugins. If you are tired of Ark and just need a break, head on over to our Minecraft server and join us for some fun! Set up a farm or build a castle! We have instructions on how to join and a couple of guides on how to set up shader and texture packs (if you don’t care for the blocky look) in our Discord Minecraft channel. Our Minecraft server also has a new logo!

7 Days to Die

Already a classic, we offer this game for our more hearty members of the community. We have some nice server side mods that help with QoL but it’s still tough! Fortify your house and see if you can survive the horde!

Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is our newest non-Ark game we offer to the community. Scavenge through the city and fortify your home to prepare for the zombie attack! How will you die today? Team up with your friends or try and go it alone.

Our Community

We are very proud of our wonderful community. We have so many helpful and friendly people from all over the world, there’s always someone to chat with on Discord. Our maps are quite busy with almost 70 people on across all maps at peak times in the last few weeks, so you won’t be playing alone. With that many people playing, we ask that everyone be familiar with our rules, which are available on our website and in game with F5. They have been carefully thought out and are meant to provide an ejoyable experience for everyone. We strive to have a harmonious community that is stress free and relaxing so you can enjoy an afteroon or evening of gaming with your family or friends. If you are just browsing through looking for a new home, we hope you’ll join us.