Spring is here and our community continues to grow! If you are tired of playing on your dead server where only 1 other person logs in, come give us a try! We regularly have anywhere from 20 – 70 people on across the cluster depending on the time of day. We have both European and American players, so there’s almost always someone about to play and chat with. Our community is very busy building, breeding and fighting bosses and they are always willing to give advice or help out if you need it. We also have an active admin and moderator team that are there to help you when you need it.

The Easter Eggcellent Adventure 7 event is underway! We hope everyone is enjoying the event and collecting lots of eggs and new creatures. There are some new color combinations for wild creatures and 5 new chibis to collect:

Dilophosaur *NEW*
Purlovia *NEW*
Queen Bee *NEW*
Microraptor *NEW*
Spring Shinehorn *NEW*

As a reminder, we have Ecos Chibi Display mod on the Island, Aberration, Scorched Earth and Extinction where you can craft display cases show off your collection.

Our Dino Auction for April has completed and we had some great auctions! It was nice to see some new members of the community there and we will have another auction very soon. Our auction is now open to include all mod dinos and it was fun to see some of the mod dinos there this time. We hope you all enjoyed it and look forward to seeing what you bring for the next auction. Below are just a few of the amazing auctions:

We just finished the Dino Market which was held for the first time on the same map we use for the Boss Events. We had a nice turnout and it was fun to see what everyone had for sale. We are still searching for the perfect place to have a permanent market, so we have another map to try for the next Dino Market and we think you guys are really going to like this one! After we test it out, we can share some screenshots with you. We also will have a super-secret exciting announcement for the Dino Market too! Below are a few pictures from the market as people were setting up.

Coming up this weekend will be the Breeding Competition featuring the lovely R-Snow Owl and we have some excellent entries. We hope to see you all there for the judging!

Ark Omega continues to be popular with 20 – 30 people on almost all the time. Many tribes have progressed to summoning some of the harder bosses and many have died. If you haven’t tried it out yet, it’s a very challenging overhaul mod that totally changes the way you play Ark. Even the smallest of dinos can pack a big punch and can be deadly! Here are some screenshots from a group that was summoning bosses on the boss island. We hope you’ll give it a try!

We have a great, active community and look forward to having new people join us!