May and June were super busy at Yggdrasil! With the launch of Fjordur we have been reaching peaks of over 100 people logged in across our cluster, all running on our two AMD Ryzen 5950X 5.0Ghz machines with a 10 GBPS connection. We offer 16 Ark maps for you to build, explore and have fun on. We also have servers for Valheim, Conan Exiles, Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah, 7 Days to Die, Minecraft and V Rising if you just want a break from Ark.

We’ve recently launched a new, permanent Dino Market map using the Idaria Trading Map where you can set up a market stall to sell and trade dinos. We’ve enabled all of the dino mods on there (except for the new Fjordur ones) so you can sell/trade the dinos from all of our maps. Be sure to check the Dino Market Discord channel for more information on how to get started with a market stall.

Our popular Rare Taming event ran this past weekend and lots of people found some great dinos across all of our maps! This is a great chance to get some nice loot which includes some special dino drops and also tame some nice colored high level dinos to add to your breeding stock.

We also just completed another Dino auction on our Yggdrasil Event map and below are some of the great dinos that were up for auction. Everyone is invited to put dinos up for auction or bid!

We also had a Pride Screenshot competition to celebrate Pride month and below are the screenshots of our winners. They had to compose a screenshot of them on a basil jumping out of the water with a rainbow. Each of the winners were given specially bred unicorns from TomisNoob!


The Winners:

1st Place – Toger

2nd Place – Kali

3rd Place – Gunter

We also saw the successful launch of the new Fjordur map and it has been very popular, with 60 to 80+ people on the new map at peak times. We have added the Castles, Keeps and Forts, Paleo Ark and No Untameables mods and everyone has had alot of fun with them. We’ve also customized the beacon drops in a similar manner to our other maps.

Since the map has been so busy, we’d lke to remind everyone that you should not build within render range of another base unless you have an agreement with them. Sometimes when a new map launches there are lots of little starter bases clustered together in the starter zones/beaches so please be sure to move away as soon as you get set up and are able to venture out. We ask everyone to chill and communicate with your neighbors until everyone gets their bases all sorted out. Also be sure if you are building near a beacon drop that you allow access to everyone whether they are on foot or on a bird.

We have alot of settings and tools for breeders and builders and below are some of the great builds seen around the map.

We hope you’ll join our community!