Welcome to Yggdrasil! It’s been a long summer and fall is on the horizon! We’ve had a lot of things going on this summer and many more exciting things planned for the fall. Our community has been around for almost 5 years now and we are still going strong and growing every day. We have a vibrant and very active community that is always here to help. We strive to provide a fair and safe gaming community where everyone is welcome. Our rules are fairly enforced and trolls and toxic people are immediately removed. The servers all run on top of the line hardware that we own thanks to the generous donations of our community and continued support of our lovely VIP supporters. Our hardware is located in a London data center for security, stability and great connectivity. We hope you will come join us!


In our continuing efforts to improve the servers, we’ve made the following updates:
– We’ve revamped the F2 shop system and it now includes all the latest skins so you can always look your best! F2 shop points can be earned by voting and playing on the servers
– All forges have been added to the structure limits and you can now have a total of 4 forges in your base
– Cloning chambers are now limited to 2 per tribe
– We have increased the size of the SS Tek shield to be bigger. This is in line with the size of a SS trough range and one shield should now encompass your base
– Until Naj’s Speedy Flyers is updated, flyer speed leveling has been enabled on flyers not affected by Naj’s Speedy Flyers, which includes Desmodus and R-Snow owls as well as R-Quetz
– OSD drops on Extinction are now super awesome with custom loot in line with the rest of the cluster and are a great way to get high level BPs and loot

Ark Omega

We’ve brought our mods to be more in-line with the official Omega servers to help improve stability. We’ve also added a second map for our ARK Omega players – Fjordur! You can now travel between the Omega Valguero map and the new Omega Fjordur map. We hope you enjoy the new map!


We had another great Rare Taming event in August and there were a lot of great rares found and tamed. The Rare Taming event is a great way to get awesome high level creatures for your breeding programs. There are also Super Rares that can be killed for special loot and XP.

We’ve just finished our August auction and we had a great turnout! We had over 30 survivors attending and over 30 creatures auctioned off, with Gunter’s Megachelons taking the top bids.

Here are some of the lovely creatures up for auction!

The Dino Market map is now open so head on over and claim your stall to create your own marketplace! We have a variety of stall sizes available with office space and water areas too. Once on the map, you can press F5 to get more information about building and price guidelines. Remember there is a build limit so plan your shop carefully (type /showlimits in chat to see how many pieces you have used). You can bring all of our special mod dinos there to sell or trade except for the Paleo ARK dinos from Fjordur (those will be added once the Fjordur map is completely opened up for transfers).

We also have the Boss Event map for breeders to try out their max-stat dinos. You must be character level 140 and have max-stat health/melee dinos to participate. We currently have two bosses to battle with really nice loot drops. It’s a great way to put your super-bred dinos to the test!

Breeding Contest Underway!

Our next breeding contest is currently underway with judging to be held on October 1. The creature selected by the community is the Desmodus! For those players new to the community, every so often we hold a breeding competition that is open to anyone in our community to join in and enter. Each competition will have a chosen creature (voted on by the community) and the purpose is to breed out the best looking colour combination. No matter what game stage anyone is they can enter as it’s all about colours. You just need to tame a Desmodus and start the breeding.

Rare Taming Event!

This weekend we will be holding a ‘Rare Tames’ event starting Friday 16th September and ending the morning of Monday 19th September on all our clustered maps. Now is a great time to pick up some nice tames and great colors!

Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles Update 3.0 Age of Sorcery is here and it brings a ton of new content, revamps core aspects of the game and adds a new progression system and an in-game shop. With all of the new content being introduced, most mods have stopped working so we’ve wiped all of our maps to make a fresh start. As our favorite mods are updated and become available, we will be re-introducing them on our Conan Exiles map.

Future plans include launching a new Isle of Siptah map, adding EEWA (Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal), AoC (Age of Calamity) and a few other surprises including possibly a third Conan map! Be sure to check out the available DLC (on sale too!) for some excellent new cosmetics including armor, weapons and building styles. Be sure to join our Conan Exiles Discord chat channel for connection info and we look forward to seeing everyone in game!

V Rising

The V Rising devs are hard at work on the next content update. Future plans they have mentioned include more flexibility in building and relocating your castle, a possibility of adding multiple floors to your castle and more cosmetic content. They are also looking at upgrading/expanding the servant system, new biomes and additional dynamic in-game content. Hop on over to our cluster map and give V Rising a chance, it’s quite fun! Join our Discord V Rising chat channel for connection info.


The Valheim devs are also hard at work on the upcoming Mistlands update. There will be new dungeons, creatures, food, resources and items along with some great new hairstyles for your Viking survivor! As you explore the world and build your own Viking lodge or castle, be sure to replant the grass and the trees as those resources will not respawn – it’s up to you to be a good steward of your land. Join our Valheim Discord chat channel for connection info. Come explore, build and battle powerful beasts as you make your way through Valheim.


We have a Mincraft server for you to explore and build on! Currently the server runs with only server side plugins, but we are considering converting it to a modded server in order to provide some new content to our community. Let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you! We have a Discord Minecraft channel for server connection info and suggestions!

7 Days to Die and Project Zomboid

We also have 7 Days to Die and Project Zomboid servers for you to join and explore. Each one has their own Discord channel with connection information. We are working on a nice, spooky Halloween surprise for the Project Zomboid server, so stay tuned!

If you are just looking for a new home or are already a member of our community, we hope you will find something fun to do here and we look forward to exploring, building and fighting beasts and monsters with you!