We just completed our November Dino Auction on our new Event Map – Haven. Thank you all for coming, we had a great time and had over 30 people attending! So many nice dinos to be auctioned off. Here’s a summary of the bids, with the highest sale going to Lirien for Minty the Desmodus, purchased by Hazel.

Minty has been immortalized in our Walk of Fame next to the Auction House:

Here’s a summary of the auction. Congratulations to all the sellers and buyers!

Here’s the auction sheet so you can see who bought your dino or who you owe element to! We will have another auction around Christmas time so you have plenty of time to get ready for the next one.

And here are some random pictures of some of the lovely dinos up for auction. We had a great selection!

We still have a bit of decorating to finish, but the Auction House is looking good! We will be moving the Dino Market over to the Haven Event map soon as well.

We have two library rooms for you to relax in or escape the heat.

And per popular request, we will be expanding our underwater viewing room as it was very crowded!

We hope you all enjoyed the auction and look forward to seeing you at our next event. If you are here just checking us out, hop in to Discord and say hello. We have a wonderful, very active community and lots of activities for you to enjoy. We currently have our Breeding Competition underway where the creature voted on by the community is the Ptera. We already have 22 people registered for the event and there’s still time to enter. See the #breeding-event Discord channel for more information. We have some really, really nice prizes to give away so it’s well worth the time investment. We can’t wait to see what color combinations our breeders come up with!

As always, WE LOVE OUR COMMUNITY!!!!!!!