Welcome to Yggdrasil! If you just stopped by to see what we do here, read on to see what our community has been up to and what we are about. We are a very active community with an active admin and moderator team that are always around to help. Our community is very knowledgeable and is a great resource for anyone interested in breeding or building. We average anywhere from 30 to 70 people online across our maps at any given time so you won’t find a dead cluster here. If you are tired of playing alone or in a community where there is never anyone online come give us a try. We have all of the DLC maps plus our very own event map and special boss event map so there’s always something to do. We also have a separate Ark Omega mini-cluster if you are looking for something more challenging. We love our community and we strive to maintain a friendly, fun and fair environment. We do not tolerate bullying, poor or toxic behavior or PvP-type behaviors.

Yggdrasil owns all of our hardware (high end equipment which runs in a London data center) so we have the freedom to run plugins and SQL databases to help us manage the cluster. We keep a close eye on the number of structures and tames on each map so we can proactively manage the save file size, which helps reduce lag. Unlike other clusters, we know exactly how many buildings, mats, dinos and soul orbs are stored on each map and we strive to be good stewards of the data. We have a structure limit in place on each map for tribes so you won’t find gigantic lag-fest bases that cause you to disconnect just by getting close to them and that limit applies to everyone, VIPs, admins, moderators and the owner included.

We use Dino Storage instead of vanilla cryopods as they are much more versatile and give you alot more information about the dinos. While there is no set limit on the number of soul orbs you can have, we have found that the number of soul orbs stored on each map greatly impacts the save file size, even more than structures do. For everyone to do their part in helping us keep a healthy cluster, we recommend trying to keep it to a reasonable number based on how much breeding you are doing. We will ask you to go through your old dinos and get rid of any you don’t need if we see you have 10,000 or 20,000 orbs on one map as no one really needs that many…and then multiplied by that many kept on each map – does anyone really need 200,000 dinos? Again, that limit applies to everyone, VIPs, admins, moderators and the owner included.

All of our clustered maps have a base set of ‘must have’ mods in addition to a specially selected group of building/decorating/utility mods that are unique to each map. We think our community should get to experience a large variety of mods without having them all forced on you on every single map like other clusters. Some of our maps have alot of mods and some have very few mods so you can choose your map based on that if you like. Once you have subscribed to all our mods, there’s nothing special you need to do to switch maps, just transfer like normal. If you happen to have a soul orb in your inventory from a dino mod that is not on the map you are transferring to, our plugin will just mark it with a question mark and when you go to a map that has that dino mod on it, the dino information will reappear and you don’t ever lose your dino. If you have mod-specific items in your inventory and go to a map that does not have that mod, our plugin will let you know that you have X items that were not able to be downloaded and once you return to a map with that mod, the items will download so you don’t ever lose your items either.

Holiday Time Activities!

The holidays are always fun, a time to relax and enjoy activities with your friends. Our community is made up of alot of online friends that enjoy getting together for a game of Ark, Valheim, Minecraft, V Rising, 7 Days to Die, Conan Exiles or any of the other fun games we host. During December we have several community activities underway and we hope you’ll join in!

Breeding Competitions

Every so often we hold a breeding competition that is open to anyone in our community to join in and enter. Each competition will have a chosen creature (voted on by the community) and the purpose is to breed out the best looking color combination. This month it’s the Pteranodon. No matter what game stage anyone is, they can enter as its all about colors and the level of the dino does not matter. You just need to tame a Pteranodon and start the breeding.

At the end of the competition you hand in your selected entry by transferring to the soul terminal mentioned in the announcement. The chosen (secret) judges comprising of the admin/moderator team and some secret members of the community will then get together on the judging date to inspect and judge your entries.

The judging ceremony is a community event where people turn up to see all the entries. Each entry is kept anonymous to make the judging fair. The chosen 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners creatures will be put on podiums and displayed for all to see on our Event map. We are offering some lovely prizes including Steam vouchers, Yggdrasil Tebex vouchers, Tek suits, lootboxes, super nice saddle BPs, element and other amazing items so it’s well worth the time investment of breeding. All entries must be in by December 31 and judging will be on January 7th.

Christmas/Holiday Decorating Contest

Each year we run a Christmas base building/decorating competition using Randi’s Christmas mod. We always have a lot of amazing entries and it’s quite the competition! You can build/decorate your entry on any of our clustered maps and you have until January 6th to complete your masterpiece. We are limiting the entries to 1 per tribe so gather your tribemates and break out the Christmas lights! Judging will be done by a secret group of admins, moderators and members of the community.

Here’s a picture from Vor’s build last year which was amazing!

Yggdrasil Holiday Village on Fjordur

Come visit the Yggdrasil Holiday Village on Fjordur at 42/74 and take a tour! It’s best viewed at night, but while you are waiting for nighttime you can search the area for some of the lovely, friendly creatures spawning there with a specially selected color palette of Yggdrasil blues and whites. You’ll be sure to find some great colored creatures to tame and you’ll also find special spawns of vegetables and mushrooms to help with taming. Be alert though as wild dinos can still spawn there and Santa has had to chase away some rowdy Deinonychus and the occasional Paleo Rex that were trying to eat the Featherlights. While you are there, be sure to take a selfie with one of Santa’s pets at the main house and post it in our #xmas-village Discord channel telling Santa if you have been good or bad! Everyone that enters will be eligible for the drawing on January 10th where Santa will be giving away his special pets!

Dino Market

Our Dino Market will be moving to our new custom event map “Haven”. It’s almost set up and ready to go so be sure to watch Discord for the grand opening!

Dino Auction

We offer a dino auction about once a month and last month we had over 55 dinos up for auction. We use element as the currency and it’s pretty easy to farm on Gen 2 if you are just starting out or any of our boss fights (where you get boosted element drops). We should have one coming up soon after the holidays, so be sure to watch Discord for the next date!


Our Valheim map has been refreshed with a new seed in support of the Mistlands update! We’ve added lots of fun mods that will make the map re-playable including tree respawns, terrain restoration and new craftable mines. We’ve also added some decor and building mods to help you build and decorate your Viking homestead! Come join use and help explore the new Mistlands!

We have much more to come in the new year and we look forward to seeing you play here!