Hey everyone! We finally have our new website up and running and we are BACK!!!!! We still have a bit of work to do to get everything transferred over, so check back often to see what we have added. We’d also like to welcome all of our new community members that have joined over the last year, we are very happy you found us. So let’s get caught up!

This past year Yggdrasil celebrated our 6th anniversary as a gaming community. Our community was started as a place for our friends to play Ark together in a fair, non-toxic environment. We have steadily grown over the years and now our friendly community is made up of many people from all walks of life, all ages and all parts of the world. We have both Ark: Survival Evolved and Ark: Survival Ascended servers for our community to enjoy, in addition to some special game servers we occasionally spin up.


Below is a short summary of what we have to offer.

ARK: Survival Evolved

We offer all of the official maps and all of the the official DLC maps, so if you are wanting to do a play-thru of the story line or go exploring on the DLC maps, we have you covered! We offer a large variety of carefully selected mods to enhance your gameplay. All of our maps have a core set of mods and each map has an additional set of creature, decor and building mods selected to suit the map theme. With our transfer system, you can easily transfer between any of these maps.

Official Story Maps
Official DLC Maps
The Island The Center
Scorched Earth Ragnarok
Aberration Valguero
Extinction Crystal Isles
Genesis Part 1 Lost Island
Genesis Part 2 Fjordur

We also offer a custom Event Map “Haven” and a Boss Event Map.


ARK: Survival Evolved – Omega Cluster
For those survivors wanting a little more of a challenge, we also have an Ark Omega mini-cluster consisting of the Valguero and Fjordur maps. Ark Omega is a conversion mod with its own creatures and boss system and is a completely different way to play Ark. It is quite challenging with a steep learning curve so it’s not for the faint of heart.

ARK: Survival Ascended

We have launched a new ASA server featuring The Island map for our community to enjoy. We plan to add additional maps to the cluster as they are released and we look forward to trying out the new content with everyone. Mods with ASA are downloaded through CurseForge when you join the game and we currently have just a few basic QOL mods like Super Structures Ascended, Dino Depot, Dino+ (Nanny, Hatchery), Custom Dino Levels, Return the Beacons! and Super Spyglass Plus.

2023 Yggdrasil Holiday Building Competition

For December, we held our annual Christmas decorating contest featuring Randi’s Christmas Mod. This year it was held on our ASE cluster and our secret panel of judges scored each entry based on several categories. The builds with the top three scores received very nice prize packages and all entries received a gold loot box.

This year’s winners were:

1st place – A Christmas Carol of the Arks – Jaskari
2nd place – Fjordur Pole – Megara
3rd place – Christmas Adventure – Kali

Below are some pictures of the winning entries.



1st place – A Christmas Carol of the Arks – Jaskari

2nd place – Fjordur Pole – Magara

3rd place – Christmas Adventure – Kali