Please read these rules carefully

If you break any of these rules you will receive a warning. A second rule break means you could receive a 3 day ban. If you break a rule a third time you could receive a 7 day ban or a permanent ban from our servers.


Do not DM any members of the Admin team unless they are on your friends list or they have given you express permission to do so.
We have a ticket system for support that is private between yourself and the admin team. If you wish to discuss something that’s too sensitive for a ticket then please open a ticket and request an admin member DM’s you back.


If at any stage an admin asks you to put in a ticket you must do so. Please respect members of our community and our admin team. We do not tolerate abusive, racist, sexist or any kind of toxic behaviour.

We do not tolerate any lawyering of our rules. If your excuse for bad behaviour is that its not specifically outlined in these rules, you will still be punished. Being a part of or keeping the secrets of a rulebreaker is not allowed.

Everyone is asked to communicate in the English language at all times. This is to ensure ease of communication on public chat. However, you may communicate in any language when using Tribe or Ally chat.



Do Not mute #announcements and #alerts-from-admins channels on Discord. If an admin tries to get hold of you and you do not respond or open a ticket when requested within a reasonable timeframe you run the risk of losing your ingame items/structures. You can mute/unmute specific channels in Discord by pressing the right mouse button on the Yggdrasil server icon on the left and scroll to the bottom of the page.

General Rules

1. The Sign Up Rule Join our community on Discord within 7 days of playing. Register in the #register-here channel for each map with structures/dinos. Failure may result in removal.

You are required to join our community and register on Discord within 7 days of playing on our servers.

Make sure you join us on Discord (Click Here) and sign up in the #register-here channel by following the pinned messages the channel. Each member of your tribe must register on each map they play on. So if you build on a new map you must register on that map also.

This is an essential requirement so we can contact you on Discord if there is an issue that requires your attention. If you have not registered on Discord after 7 days of playing on a map our servers, then we reserve the right to remove you from our servers without notice.

It can take a few days to register you. Its everyones responsibility to check the ‘Tribes Spreadsheet’ on Discord and ensure that they are registered correctly and also that every tribemamber is registered. If you change tribes/tribename or any other details then please put in a new registration entry in #register-here and also any instructions to remove you from previous tribe etc. If you leave our discord server your registration entry will be removed and everything you have on our servers will be removed after 7 days if it has no registered members.

If you are registered with us and inactive for longer than 6 Weeks we reserve the right to remove everything you have on our servers. If this happens you will need to put in a new registration.

You must make sure you are registered on each map you have structures/dinos on. Failure to do that could mean removal of your tribe on that map after 7 days.

You only register on any maps you have structures or dinos on. If you do not have any structures or dinos on a map please do not register for that map.

Although we allow all our players the freedom to create and use alt/second accounts, these MUST be in the same tribe as your main account in all your tribes across the cluster.

After 3 months of inactivity your character could be removed when we do a cleanup on the servers. So make sure to just quickly log in within a 3 month period to prevent this if you wish to reuse your character later on.

We are an adult gaming community. If you want a child or minor under the age of 16 to play on our servers with you then please open up a ticket on our Discord and we can help you to get them registered. You are responsible for the minor and that they follow the rules.

2. The HELP! Rule If you need help, ask in #main-chat on Discord. Our community is supportive. For admin attention, use @admin or create a ticket in #create-a-ticket. Admins are available to assist. Join voice channels to socialize and play Ark.
If you require any help then feel free ask in #main-chat in our Discord. We have an amazing community willing to help out. If you wish to gain the attention of our admin team then feel free to @admin if you need to. If you require support from the admin team please create a ticket in our #create-a-ticket channel in Discord, and someone will respond as soon as they can. Instructions on how to do this is explained in more detail in the #create-a-ticket channel. Please make sure you read through this before placing in a ticket and always include all the info asked in that channel so we can help you promptly. As an admin team we will try and make ourselves available to help you whenever we can. We do suggest that you try and ask in our Discord #main-chat first if its something our community can help you with. If you have a game related issue or anything of a private nature then please put in a ticket. A ticket opens a private channel between yourselves and the admin team. Our admin team are a friendly bunch so feel to come and hang out and join us in our voice channels on Discord or just to socialise and play some Ark with us.
3. No Stealing Rule Stealing items is not allowed on our servers. Offenders risk a warning or ban. Respect others' claims on drops/dinos. Report violations to admins. Avoid begging or trading for items. Enjoy the game and foster a lasting community.
Stealing items will not be tolerated on any of our servers. Players who are caught will receive a warning and risk being banned from our servers. Just because a box is left open does not mean you can take from it. This also includes taking from dropped bags. When you arrive at a beacon drop/dino (or anything else for that matter), have a good look around to make sure no one else was there first. If someone is already there, then they have a right to that drop/dino/boss etc. Should two people arrive at the same time, then talk through things and come to a mutual agreement before engaging. Playing on a server with a community is about playing together and working towards the same goal of having fun. If you see anyone not following this put in a ticket and alert the admins right away. We like to have a community of players that are here for the long game and will stay with us for a long time to come. Anyone that hands out or gets given items will spoil the game for that person and they will quickly get bored and leave. Its about achieving and attaining these things yourself on our servers. This is a big part of how we have created a long term Ark community with players that love playing on our servers and will stick around for a long time to come. So no begging for eggs/dinos/items on our servers (Also see Trading Rules below)
4. Building Range Rule Maintain distance from other players' bases. No building within sight range. Specific rules apply for Ark and Minecraft.
Do not build within range of someone else on any of our servers. If you can see someone else’s base from yours then you are too close. For Ark we have specific rules regarding this. For Minecraft you must be 200 blocks away from another player.
5. The Exploit Rule Exploiting game mechanics is strictly prohibited. Report any instances of exploitation through a ticket to admins.
Using exploits on any of our servers is strictly against the rules and we take it very seriously. Exploits come in many forms such as duping, meshing, and cheesing. If you see anyone exploiting game mechanics in anyway, then we urge you to please put in a ticket. Quite often an exploit is hard to determine, if it is a clear exploit and you continue to do this or announce it to anyone you could receive a warning or a ban. If you are uncertain if it is an exploit or not then we urge you to put in a ticket to the admin team before you do this.

Ark Specific Rules

1. The Breeding Rule Use the Soul Terminal's trapping feature for newborns. Set up auto-collecting SS hatcheries for fertilized eggs. Avoid accidents by disabling wandering and enabling mating. Secure your breeding area to prevent theft. Clean up old breeds and protect eggs from falling.

Please make use of the Soul Terminals ‘Newborn Trapping’ feature with plenty of slots free in the soul terminal. This should always be used to collect any newborn babies. For any egg layers have an SS hatchery set to auto-collect fertilized eggs. Do not leave your creatures on ‘Enable wandering’ as accidents can happen. Please ensure you use ‘enable mating’ to do all your breeding and not ‘enable wandering’. Do not leave dinos on mating when you log off the server overnight. If you are breeding at your base you must make sure that your babies or eggs cannot be claimed by anyone else. So always make sure that your Soul Terminal is set to pickup newborns and that any eggs that drop are not falling through your base. Your base should also be setup so that no one can enter and take dinos or eggs you are breeding. If you have dinos you do not need please use a soul terminal specifically setup to destroy them and put all the ones you do not want in them and use the DESTROY ALL button. Players are also asked to clean up the amount of Soul Orbs that you have. Especially when you finish a breed you are expected to clean up any old breeds to keep the server clean and tidy. Its very unusual that someone will join our server and try to steal eggs or Soul orbs but it can happen and tribes need to be responsible for that and make sure that your base is properly protected. If you build on a platform for breeding then make sure that its not overhanging a cliff as eggs can drop down. Also make sure that you either place the platform on the ground or have built underneath it to the ground so eggs that fall through cannot be taken.

2. The Building Rules Strict building rules ensure server harmony. One main base per map. Respect render distance and structure limits. Use Soul Terminals for resources.

We have to have strict rules on building to make the servers a happy place for everyone. On all of our maps you are allowed one main base only.

Epic neighbours:

Your base MUST be out of the render distance of others. By this we mean ‘Epic View Distance’ in settings. If you are close to someone and just out of render range, please check with the tribe you are near to make sure they are happy with where you are about to build.

Structure limit:

All of our maps have a structure limit to help with performance and to reduce lag. Please use /showlimits in global chat to keep an eye on this. Instead of having towers full of Gacha gavagers we encourage the community to use ‘Soul Terminals’ and you can get materials passively from lots of creatures (eg Black Pearls from Eurypterids). Please read up on KBD mod for more info.

3. The Trough Rule Follow feeding trough range for main base size. No building in restricted areas. Respect resource spots, pathways, and spawn points. Claim one oil vein per tribe. Handle wyvern eggs properly. Empty beaver dams completely. Allow access in cave builds.

The Trough Rule:

Thanks to the rates and mods we have on our servers you do not need a huge base.
Please follow these simple guidelines:

Main base:


All main bases must be over 10 structures in size or it will decay at a much faster rate.

There is no foundation or pillar spamming allowed on our servers as it is not needed in any form.

Place an SS feeding trough (Not Tek Trough) in the middle of your base and look at the ranges by selecting ‘show range’. This is the size your base is allowed to be.

The No Build Rule:

Building is forbidden in a few places. You may NOT build on/in:


Spawn points – Do not build on or block spawn points. If we get reports of you blocking then an admin may contact you and you will be asked to move.
Resource heavy spots
No blocking pathways in any form. Everyone should be able to get to somehwere on foot as well as with a flyer.
Artifact Caves
Explorer notes
Beacon loot drops (Do not build on any at all) – Even if they land on top of your building its not allowed. Players must be able to access them even on foot.


Premade Towns
Mines of Moria


HLNA Teleport points
Blocking Glitches


On or around Mission Zone terminals
On or around Teleporters
On or around Tunnels/Bridges linking Zones or Space Biome
No building in the Rockwell area at all


Carno Island
On or around the Volcano


On or near Surface area


The Patreon Temple
The Castle

Cave 1 (Land Entrance) – 36:00 / 34:50
Cave 2 (Under Floating Island) – 41:50 / 30:00
Cave 3 (Under Floating Island) – 37:00 / 35:00
Underwater Dome (East) – 25:00 / 89:00 (Underwater air pocket)
Underwater Dome (South) – 66:00 / 65:00 (Underwater air pocket)
Underground World area where all the Aberrant creatures spawn.
NOTE :- If you are unsure… ask.

OIL VEINS – Each tribe can claim 1 Oil Vein on each of our maps. As these resources are highly limited, you must leave these unlocked for community use.

WYVERNS NESTS – PLEASE EAT unwanted wyvern/drake eggs. DO NOT drop them on the floor as this can bug the nests and stop them working.

BEAVER DAMS – When taking items from Beaver dams please empty them completely, otherwise they do not respawn.

CAVE BUILDS – If you do build in a cave that does not contain an artifact then you must allow access in and out at all points. Make sure you are also not blocking any type of spawns. You can go into single player to check this if need be.

The Random Rule:

Do not leave random structures on the map. This includes ‘public’ taming structures, single foundations with a personal gravestone, a bed etc.

If you tame something with a trap you MUST TAKE IT DOWN immediately.

Water Pipes: DO NOT BUILD MILES OF WATER PIPES! Simply place one SS intake pipe and an SS tap anywhere, and it will provide the water you need.


The Blocking Rule:

Do not block access to pathways or spawn spots for other players. This includes rivers and lakes. If you think you might be blocking a route, please unlock gates to allow players to pass through freely. With SS you can set doors to ‘auto-close’.

4. The Dino Limit Rule Use DINO STORAGE V2 mod to orb dinos. Keep dinos orbed to reduce lag. Limit: 150 dinos out per tribe. Set soul terminals for passive resource production. Don't leave dinos on wandering. Report lost dinos and seek permission before entering bases.

We have a great mod called DINO STORAGE V2 on our clustered servers. Please keep as many dinos orbed as you can at all times using the soul gun and soul orb terminals. Breeding means you may need to keep some dinos out, but this should be within reason. Lots of dinos out means lag for everyone.

The limit is 150 dinos out per tribe.

The soul terminals can be set to produce resources passively, so store your snails and dung beetles etc. in them, and tick the allow passive production box.

It is also against the rules to leave your dinos on wandering or unattended in the wild.

If you find a lost dino on the map, please report it to the player using the #report-structures-dinos channel in Discord.

Do not drop dinos into other player’s bases without permission. Report all accidents.

5. The Trading Rule Fair trading is allowed with unlocked engrams. Trade dinos based on level and type restrictions. No trading of Tek Stryders.

Trading is fine with us if it is done within reason and is fair.

No trading of items unless both parties involved have the engrams unlocked. For example no trading Tek Skiffs or Industrial Cooker if the person asking to buy has not unlocked these naturally.

You can trade a dino for an equivalent dino based on the base level (tamed/born) and the type (rideable vs non-rideable) with the following guidelines:

Do not trade a dino to someone who has not naturally tamed that dino ingame yet or achieved the tame themselves.
You are not allowed to trade a non-rideable dino for a rideable dino (ie no dodo for a rex)
You are only allowed to trade a bred dino for another bred dino, and a wild-tamed for another wild-tamed dino. If your bred dino has 100 or less base levels, it may be traded for a wild-tamed dino as long as the other rules are followed.
A dino cannot be traded for materials or BPs unless at a sponsored event like the monthly Auction or Dino Market, both of which are great ways to acquire some nice dinos.
You can stud a dino to someone so long as the dinos are within the same level range (within 100 levels) and that the person offering to stud the dino does so for a decent trade and not offering for a ridiculously low price.
If someone leaves the servers they are not allowed to give away anything at all. If you receive items from someone thats leaving then you could also face a ban.
If you are selling an item or BP, then please consider how long it will take someone to farm the materials you are asking for. For example a Rex saddle BP or Giga Saddle BP should require a lot of farming if you want to sell one. BPs may be traded as well, if they are of a similar type and value. For example, trading a 54 armor Ramshackle Giga saddle BP for a 210 armor Mastercraft Rex saddle BP is not a fair/equivalent trade.

(NOTE :- No trading of Tek Stryders are allowed under any circumstance as they should be earned by completing missions. There is no trading on our special ‘The Hunted’ Fjordur map)

6. The Reporting Rule Report forgotten structures or dinos in the Discord channel. Use ticket system for serious rule violations. Special dinos stay with original owner.

If you find a loose structure or temporary taming trap that someone may have forgotten about then we ask you report the structure in the #report-structures-dinos channel in Discord for the attention of the players in the tribe.

Please also report any dinos that have been left on the map outside of someones base in the #report-structures-dinos for the attention of players in that tribe.

Please @ the tribe members by referring to the registered spreadsheet pinned in #register-here. Also lets keep this channel civil and free from toxicity/arguments.

If you believe someone is breaking any rules of a serious nature then please report anonymously using our ticket system on Discord. It also helps to show evidence so be prepared to provide us with screenshots and times and video where possible.

6. Special Dinos Rule: Elementsaur, Fertile golem, Bioluminescant Golem, Molten Golem, Surface Golem

These dinos and any offspring/clones need to remain with the person who got the original special dino from the lootboxes.

If you are in a tribe your other tribe members are allowed to use them.

If any of the tribe members leave the tribe, all special dinos and offspring/clones will stay with the original owner who got it from the lootbox in the first place.

You are not allowed to trade/lend/breed special dinos to anyone outside of your tribe.

7. Points Of Note

The Structure Decay Clause:

Our servers have decay activated on all structures enabled. If you are not within range of any of your structures within 6 weeks they will automatically be removed. The 6 week rule applies to all structures no matter if its Tek, Wood, Thatch or Eco mod. Dinos will also automatically destroy after this time. To see when someone last refreshed a particular structure you can use /decay in global chat. When this timer reaches 1008 Hours (6 Weeks) it will remove automatically. If everyone in a tribe leaves that tribe and its empty for more than 7 days it will also be automatically removed. If you are not registered on a map you have a base on your base and tribe will be removed after 7 days of you playing on there.

Any small structures like campfires, sleeping bags and torches left out of range of your base will be automatically removed if they are not picked up after use. Structures that are less than 10 structures in total that are not within range of your main base will decay within 1 day. If you are building a small base or structure make sure it is over 10 structures and also that it is within range of your main base on that map.

Ark Lost Dinos / Items:

If you find you are missing a Dino then please use the dino-tracker and soul finder you can craft in game.

Make sure you always use things that you are prepared to lose. Make clones, have spare eggs, have backup plans. This is ARK after all and we all get bad days where we loose things in one way or another.

If you crash when transferring maps and you loose all the items that transferred with you then please try using the /download command in chat in the first instance. Failing that put in a ticket immediatly and do not move across Arks. There is a good chance we can recover these for you.

ALWAYS make sure that you have a ‘log off’ storage container that you can use to place all of your belongings into when you log off. If you die whilst logged off then you will be unable to recover items.


The Nice Guy Clause:

Helping people is amazing, but there are positive and negative ways to help people. If someone is shouting out to be given an item or creature, it is much better to offer them advice on how to obtain that item or creature, instead of just giving it to them (See Rule 4 Above). Giving people too much too early actually means they get bored of the game much sooner and spoils their ARK experience. This includes giving dinos to players to do boss fights. They need to earn or breed these themselves. Giving away endgame items and dinos to new players undermines their progression through ARK.

So we ask nicely, with a cherry on top…


Ark Omega Specific Rules

1. The Trading Rule Flexible trading rules on Ark Omega. Engrams must be unlocked. Dino trades allowed, use common sense. Studs allowed for decent trades. Fair pricing for items/BPs.

Trading rules have been rewritten to allow more flexibility on our Ark Omega modded map.

Trading is fine with us if it is done within reason and is fair.

No trading of items unless both parties involved have the engrams unlocked. For example no trading Tek Skiffs or Industrial Cooker if the person asking to buy has not unlocked these naturally.

You can trade a dino for an equivalent dino based on the base level (tamed/born) and the type (rideable vs non-rideable) with the following guidelines:

Do not trade a dino to someone who has not naturally tamed that dino ingame yet or achieved the tame themselves.
On Ark Omega you will be wanting to trade dinos to get matching creatures that can be harder to find and will be relying on trading with other members of the community to do this so we have lifted the restrictions on dino trading.
Please use your common sense when trading and do not give away dinos.
You can stud a dino to someone so long as the person offering to stud the dino does so for a decent trade and not offering for a ridiculously low price.
If you are selling an item or BP, then please consider how long it will take someone to farm the materials you are asking for. For example a Rex saddle BP or Giga Saddle BP should require a lot of farming if you want to sell one. BPs may be traded as well, if they are of a similar type and value. For example, trading a 54 armor Ramshackle Giga saddle BP for a 210 armor Mastercraft Rex saddle BP is not a fair/equivalent trade.

2. No Griefing No luring dinos near bases, pick up boss beacons, no griefing with abilities. Keep dinos orbed and protect your base.

Ark Omega has many creatures with special abilities and also some of these can damage other players bases.

No luring wild dinos near someones base in anway. Any evidence of this happening even by mistake will be treated very seriously.
When placing down a boss beacon make sure you pick it up after use and do not place near someone elses base.
Do not use any dinos special abilities to grief other players in anyway.
Keep your dinos orbed up as much as you can so they are safe.
Use your common sense when building your base and make sure that its protected against wild dinos.

3. Build Rules No collectors outside base. Island 85/85 no building.

Item collectors and Egg Collectors are only to be placed inside your actual base. Any found outside of your building will be destroyed and you could receive a warning.

No building on the Island at 85/85 as its used for spawning bosses.

4. Omega Boss Beacons Specific Locations Only. Clean up after use. No leeching, interrupting tames. Report violations.

Do not place an Omega Boss Beacon anywhere on the map aside from at the listed locations below. These areas are for placing down a boss beacon and spawn points only. No other structures allowed.

Ark Omega Fjordur

93/93 – Narrow passage (In the volcano region).
94/82 – volcano island (In-between the over arching bridges).
91/16 – Large room in the deep cave (Past the lava but before abb zone).

Ark Omega Valguero

30/03 – At the bottom of the sinkhole in the ground
05/05 – Flat area at very top left of the map in the ice biome.
06/95 – Very top right of the map in ice biome.
19/76 – Flat secluded Area in Aberration zone (Portal).
40/20 – Area for doing deep under water boss summons.

Please make sure to pick everything up once done at a Boss Area. You will also want a spawn point close in case you die for any reason.

Do not go to any of these Boss Fight areas unless you are participating in a Boss fight or taming a Boss. Anyone hanging around here within range to leech, farm or anything else will be reported and handed a warning.

The same goes for anyone interrupting someones tame. People also go to Boss Fight areas to tame Bosses. Please check the island before you summon a Boss and if anyone is on there make sure that you check with them first before summoning.

If these rules are not being followed put in a ticket and we will deal with it seriously and a warning may be handed out.

5. Look after your Dinos and items

It’s extremely important on Ark Omega to look after your items and dinos. Make sure that you never ever log out with any items or dinos on your character. A soul terminal or loadout mannequin is a good idea to store your items before logging out.

We are unable to spawn in and replace items on Ark Omega. Also do not unorb dinos near a boss as it takes a few seconds for them to receive the Omega buff and will dissapear if hit by any damage. You have been warned.

Conan Exiles Specific Rules

1 base area per player, must fit within thrall outfitters bench range. Limit of 50 thralls/pets. No blocking important locations.

You are allowed to claim 1 area to build a base (No outposts).

Your entire claimed area (Buildings + Outer walls) must fit within the range of a thrall outfitters bench, you can enable a range indicator on it to check.

Do not go over 50 thralls/pets in total (Type /buildinfo in game chat to see how many you got out), thralls in workstations do not count toward this total.

No blocking of important locations (Dungeons, special spawns, bosses, passageways, towns)

7DTD Specific Rules

1. Claim Blocks

You are allowed to place down one claim block as a team to claim your base area. No using claim blocks in cities. You are not allowed to use a claim block to claim high loot buildings for yourself.

2. POI's

Please DO NOT use POI’s or traders during a bloodmoon. Hordes can destroy these areas which reduces the loot for anyone else on the server. Do not build inside any of the darkness falls POI(bunker and Lab) or destroy the zombie spawners(body bags).